Failure: It’s Not Fatal

(except sometimes, when it is).

Did you post an update on social media, or your blog, and didn’t get any comments? It’s frustrating, but it won’t kill you.

Did you go to all the effort to write a book, and no-one bought it? So it was a waste of your time perhaps, but it won’t kill you.

Did you have a fabulous idea for a new business, got it up and running, but all you heard was silence because other people didn’t thnk it was such a good idea? A waste of money and time, but it won’t kill you.

Did you try to invent something, and it didn’t work? Disheartening I know, but it won’t kill you.

Don’t be so afraid of failure. You will learn more from failure than you ever will from success.

So, the social media post that didn’t get any comments? Perhaps it didn’t speak to your audience, or perhaps they were busy and didn’t see it. Analyse your posts and what works, and try again.

The book didn’t sell? What a fantastic accomplishment to have written a book. Perhaps you just need to learn how to promote it better, or choose another topic to write about. Or maybe you’re a terrible writer, and the lesson is to stick with what your’re good at.

No-one wants to buy your new products or services? Next time you get an idea, run those ideas past a wide range of people before investing time and money into starting a new business.

Invented something that didn’t work? Try again, and again, learning something from every time you fail.

Get the idea? It all relies on how you respond.

Failure: not only is it not fatal (except when it is), but it is the best lesson in personal development that you can get — and you get it handed to you for free.

So get out there, and start failing today!

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Angie Wilkes is a stress and anxiety coach, and the founder of



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