I live in the UK, and it's the same here: most people appear to think that the pandemic is over. It doesn;t help when you have a government that is quick to point out the increasing number of infections in the rest of Europe without mentioning that our infection rates are higher than most.

I'm usually the only person wearing a mask in an enclosed space like a shop. It's hardly a hardship to pop on a mask when around others - and it's frustrating to know that covid will be spreading itself because they're asserting their rights, and insist that they "can't breathe" in their masks. Oh diddums, poor little snowflakes! Instead they're happy for hospital staff to have to continue wearing them for 12 hour shifts for the next god knows how long, so they can have their "freedom".

A recent news article in the UK noted that our ICU's are filled with mainly unvaccinated people, and the odd few who have been vaccinated but have underlying condiitions. And it's easy to think, well it serves them right, they deserve it: but how many people have they infected from getting the virus to ending up in ICU?

This virus is going to be with us for years to come and we only have ourselves to blame.

Writer and creator at EverydayPositive.net