I truly cannot get my head around why the good God-fearing. Jesus-lovin' Christians in the US do not want healthcare for all. Surely they realise that Jesus was a socialist - surely they've read the new testament? (okay, I know socialism wasn't really a thing in those days, but if he were alive today he would be preaching a socialist healthcare system and general outlook of looking after those less fortunate, going by his actions and words in the book that we are all supposed to follow).

It is so hypocritical for them to stand proudly as Christians, as followers of Jesus, but ignore everything he stood for.

And it takes my breath away how much you are charged for medical care and drugs - way above the true cost.

Years ago, not many Americans travelled out of the country, or knew about other healthcare systems of the world, so they could be forgiven for thinking that all healthcare systems are the same. But now? A quick search on the internet would soon open eyes. But then, as my old granny would say "there's none so blind as those who will not see."

It's shocking, and I feel sorry for all the Americans who see past all the scaremongering behind the use of the words socialism/communism and deserve better.

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