Interesting article Bella, thank you. The problem that we have is that at this moment in time our society is that emotion trumps rational thinking. We have been encouraged to raise our awareness of our own thoughts and emotions to such a level that they become more important than facts and research.

And as you know from studying psychology, when there is an emotion vs facts conflict, generally emotion wins. I'm not convinced it always did: years ago I think we were moving towards a more rational society - but emotion, and more specifically, the way we are pushed into exploring our emotions, putting our emotions at the forefront of everything we do, has left rational thinking very much in the background.

One example is Brexit in the UK: arguments for leaving the EU were based on emotion, arguments for staying based on facts. The leave argument won. Emotions are still saying that our food, fuel and skills shortages are nothing to do with Brexit, whatever the evidence says.

How we overcome this, how we move back to an intelligent society that puts facts and evidence over raw, intuitive, personal emotions, I really don't know. But we do need to begin to spend less time focusing on ourselves and championing our inner thoughts, and look outward more to our communities and societies, whether local or global. Less self improvement, more world improvement!

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