When is the best time to start something new?

When is the best time to start…

Learning a language?

Getting fit?

Losing weight?

Setting up a reading habit?

A studying habit?

Planning a business venture?

Daily journalling?

Writing that book?

There is only one good answer to these questions, and it isn’t complicated: the time is now.


Not tomorrow, not next week, next month, next year. NOW.

Stop putting things off. Make a start. Any start — a small one is fine. If you want to lose weight, just eat a little less today. If you want to set up a habit of reading for 30 minutes every day, don’t wait until your to-do list is clear, start today — read for 5 minutes.

Set up the little habits and they will grow. Even if you can only do a little — do a little. Long term, it will make a difference. Leave it until you have time and guess what? You’ll never have time. Or it will never be the right time to start.

The best time to start is NOW.

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Writer and creator at EverydayPositive.net

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Angie W

Angie W

Writer and creator at EverydayPositive.net

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