When you're young it's much easier to lose weight. I'm finding, at the grand old age of 58, that it's much harder - which means that if I yo-yo up and down, every time it's just going to be that little bit harder. I am resigned now to losing (if I'm lucky) half a pound to a pound a week - and that's being careful what I eat, and exercising. It doesn't help that I'm small in stature either! I'm fortunate that I don't have a ton of weight to lose, because having to lose 14lbs is hard enough!

There is no magic way to lose it or keep it off. Just constant survaillance of what goes in your mouth, and exercising - and although experts are quick to say that exercise doesn't make much difference, if your body burns off 200 calories a day extra, every single day, then the result is cumulative. It slowly makes a difference, but a difference it does make. (As well as all the other advantages of exercising, like keeping muscles strong and being flexible as we age).

Julie, I remember a time, maybe 15 years ago (?) where qualified dieticians (in the UK at least) were saying that breakfast is a must, and you can't lose weight/be healthy if you don't eat it. So at some stage there must have been some real research that suggested this. Nowadays. they're just as likely to espouse intermittent fasting, and missing breakfast. so further research must have called into question the previous. Which is of course how science does and should work.

In reality, the only diet that works is the one that you, personally, can stick to., for the duration of the diet, and for a long term way of eating. For me, that's eating healthy food, but also small amounts of the junk I love - for me to say I'll never eat pizza or ice cream again is a recipe for failure. I just eat smaller portions of all food, and that works for me. Long term weight loss is trial and error, and often it takes many trials and errors before we find out what works.

Great article Julie, thanks!

Writer and creator at EverydayPositive.net

Writer and creator at EverydayPositive.net